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2017 May Grand Sumo Tournament “Dohyo Matsuri” Information

Date Saturday, May 13, 2017
Opens 9:45 AM
Starts 10:00 AM
Place Kokugikan Arena
Free entrance, first come first served
- This is a very solemn ceremony. Please remain quiet and follow the instructions of the staff.
- Please refrain from entering/exiting or changing seats once the ceremony has begun.
- Please exit quickly after the conclusion of the ceremony.
About "Dohyo Matsuri"
The Dohyo Matsuri is a special ceremony performed by the head referees called gyoji, in which prayers and offerings are presented to pray for the safety and success of the upcoming tournament. Peace for the nation and a full harvest of crops are also in their prayers.
A hole is created at the center of the sumo ring, where salt, kelp, dried squid, chestnuts, rinsed rice, Japanese nutmeg, and other things thought to bring good luck are buried.
The chief director, the heads from the Department of Appeal, rikishi ranked Sanyaku and above, all referees, and members of the management team all attend this special ritual.

Championship Photo Presentation Ceremony Information

Date Saturday, May 13, 2017
Starts 10:30 AM
Place In front of the Kokugikan Entrance

Dohyo Matsuri

Championship Photo Presentation Ceremony