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2018 September Grand Sumo Tournament

2018 September Grand Sumo Tournament Champions List

Makuuchi Division Champion

West Yokozuna Hakuho(Munkhbat Davaajargal)


'My name is Hakuho and I could win my 41st tournament by not losing even once. I also want to do my best in the last tournament of this year in Kyushu, so please support me.'

Said the Yokozuna with 800 wins in this rank and overall 1000 wins in Makuuchi under his belt, holding flowers in both hands.

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2018 September Grand Sumo Tournament Sansho List (Special Prizes)

Shukun-sho(Outstanding Performance Award)

no prize winner

Kanto-sho(Fighting Spirit Prize)

no prize winner

Gino-sho(Technique Prize)

no prize winner