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2019 November Grand Sumo Tournament

2019 November Grand Sumo Tournament Banzuke Topics


  • Being an active Ozeki for 32 Basho, Goeido has tied the 10th position in history concerning this.


  • Takayasu became Ozeki Kadoban for the 3rd time in his career. The previous time had been in July 2018.

Ozeki ReturnTakakeisho

  • Takakeisho returns to the Ozeki-rank. The previous return to the Ozeki-rank was managed by Tochinoshin in July of this year.


  • Mitakeumi stays Sekiwake for 3, in Sanyaku for 17 consecutive tournaments.


  • The previous time a Rikishi was demoted from Ozeki to Sekiwake was in the last tournament. It had been Takakeisho back then.


  • Abi stays Komusubi for 3 tournaments in a row.


  • Endo stays Komusubi for the second tournament in a row.

Komusubi ReturnHokutofuji

  • Hokutofuji returns to the Komusubi-rank, he previously held in March, after 4 tournaments.

Komusubi DebutAsanoyama

  • Asanoyama is the the first Komusubi debutant of Takasago Beya since Asasekiryu who had been promoted in July of 2006.
  • He is the 3rd Rikishi post WWII from Toyama Prefecture to achieve this, following Wakamiyama and most recently Kotogaume who had been promoted in November 1985.
  • Moreover, Asanoyama is the 3rd former student from Kindai University, following Asashio and Takarafuji who had been promoted in July of 2015.
  • He is the first Rikishi to reach the Komusubi-rank after a Sandanme Tsukedashi debut.

* The previous time we had 4 Komusubi (Kisenosato, Kokkai, Aminishiki and Roho) in one tournament had been in November 2006.

Makuuchi DebutWakatakakage

  • Wakatakakage is the second Rikishi from Arashio Beya since the present Shisho has founded it to reach Makuuchi. The previous one had been Sokokurai promoted in September of 2010.
  • He is the 7th Rikishi from Fukushima Prefecture post WWII to achieve this, following Sotairyu who had been promoted in March 2013.
  • Moreover, Wakatakakage is the 5th former student of Toyo University to reach Makuuchi, the previous one had been Mitakeumi in November 2015.

Makuuchi ReturnTakanosho

  • Takanosho returns to Makuuchi he had been demoted from in November of last year after 6 tournaments.

Makuuchi ReturnChiyomaru

  • Chiyomaru returns to Makuuchi after two tournaments.

Makuuchi ReturnDaishomaru

  • Daishomaru returns to Makuuchi he had been demoted from this January. It took him 5 tournaments.

Juryo DebutKotoshoho

  • Kotoshoho is the first Rikishi from Sadogatake Beya to reach Juryo since Kotonowaka who had been promoted this July.
  • Also following Kotonowaka, he is the 29th Rikishi post WWII from Chiba Prefecture to achieve this.

Juryo DebutHoshoryu

  • Hoshoryu is the first Rikishi from Tatsunami Beya to be promoted to Juryo since Akua who reached the second league in January of last year.
  • Following Kiribayama who had been promoted this March, Hoshoryu is the 68th foreign born Rikishi to reach Juryo. Furthermore, he is the 35th Mongolian national to achieve this.

Juryo ReturnWakamotoharu

  • Wakamotoharu returns to Juryo after 4 tournaments. He had been demoted in March of this year.

Juryo ReturnAkua

  • Akua returns to Juryo after 7 tournaments. He had been demoted in September of last year.

Juryo ReturnAkiseyama

  • Akiseyama returns to Juryo after two tournaments.