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2019 January Grand Sumo Tournament:8th Day

2019 January Grand Sumo Tournament Banzuke Topics

Sekiwake DebutTakakeisho

  • Takakeisho is the first Rikishi from Chiganoura Beya to make his Sekiwake debut since the previous Shisho (former Sekiwake Masudayama) founded it on the 27th of September 2004.
  • He is the first Rikishi from Hyogo Prefecture to achieve this since Myogiryu who had been promoted in the September tournament 2012.

Sekiwake ReturnTamawashi

  • Tamawashi returns to the Sekiwake-rank he previously held in January 2018 after 6 tournaments. He remains in Sanyaku for the second tournament in a row.

Komusubi ReturnMyogiryu

  • Myogiryu returns to the Komusubi-rank he previously held in July 2015 after 21 tournaments. He remains in Sanyaku since the January tournament 2015, making it 19 tournaments in a row.


  • Mitakeumi was demoted to Komusubi, the rank he previously held in May 2018 after 4 tournaments. Remaining in Sanyaku for 12 tournaments in a row means tying the 5th place since the beginning of Showa Era.

Makuuchi DebutYago

  • Yago is the 6th Rikishi from Oguruma Beya to make his Makuuchi debut since the present Shisho founded it on the 23rd of March 1987.The previous one had been Amakaze in the September tournament of 2016.
  • He is the 52nd Rikishi post WWII from Hokkaido Prefecture to achieve this, following Kyokutaisei who had been promoted in May 2018.
  • Moreover, he is the 6th former student of Chuo University following Takekaze who had been promoted in the March tournament of 2003. Additionally, he is the 93rd Rikishi successful in amateur Sumo as a student to reach Makuuchi, the previous one being Daiamami who had been promoted in November 2017.

Makuuchi ReturnKotoyuki

  • Kotoyuki returns to Makuuchi after 2 tournaments.

Makuuchi ReturnKotoeko

  • Kotoeko returns to Makuuchi he was demoted from in July 2018 after 3 tournaments.

Juryo ReturnSokokurai

  • Sokokurai returns to Juryo, the rank he previously held in July 2018, after 3 tournaments.

Juryo ReturnGagamaru

  • Gagamaru returns to Juryo after 2 tournaments.