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2017 May Grand Sumo Tournament

2017 May Grand Sumo Tournament Banzuke Topics


  • Being an active Yokozuna for 59 tournaments now, Hakuho has tied the record of Chiyonofuyi as the second most in history.


  • Once again after the September Grand Sumo Tournament 2016 and personally for the 5th time, Goeido is Ozeki Kadoban and faces a possible demotion. Following Terunofuji in the last tournament, this is in total the 140th time.


  • Tamawashi stays at the Sekiwake rank for 3 consecutive tournaments and in Sanyaku for 4.


  • Takayasu kept his rank and is in Sanyaku for 6 consecutive tournaments.

Sekiwake Kotoshogiku

  • Kotoshogiku stayed at the Sekiwake rank as well as in Sanyaku.


  • Mitakeumi stayed at the Komusubi rank and in Sanyaku for the 3rd consecutive time.

Komusubi ReturnYoshikaze

  • Yoshikaze has been re-promoted to Komusubi, the rank he previously held in November 2015. He has returned to Sanyaku taking 7 tournaments since March 2016.

Makuuchi DebutOnosho

  • Onosho is the 5th Rikishi from Onomatsu Beya to make his Makuuchi debut since the present Shisho founded it on the first of October 1994. The previous, Amuru, debutedin November 2014.
  • He is the 43rd Rikishi from Aomori Prefecture post WWII, following Homarefuji's promotion in May 2013.

Makuuchi DebutYutakayama

  • Yutakayama is the 4th Rikishi from Tokitsukaze Beya to make his Makuuchi debut since the present Shisho inherited it on the 9th of October 2007. The previous, Shodai, debuted in January last year.
  • He is the 10th Rikishi from Nigata Prefecture post WWII, following Shimotori's promotion in the March tournament of 2002.
  • Yutakayama is the 9th former student of Tokyo University of Agriculture. The previous one also had been his stable mate Shodai. Yutakayama is the 90th former Japanese student sumo amateur following Ura promoted in the last tournament.
  • It is the first time ever that a Sandanme Tsukedashi makes his Makuuchi debut.

Makuuchi ReturnToyohibiki

  • Toyohibiki returns to the first league for the first time since November 2016, it took him 3 tournaments.

Makuuchi ReturnChiyotairyu

  • Chiyotairyu is back in Makuuchi after 2 tournaments.

Juryo DebutTakagenji

  • Takagenji is the 3rd Rikishi from Takanohana Beya to make his Juryo debut since the present Shisho founded it on the first of February 2004. The previous ones have been Takanoiwa back in 2012, and Sato (current Takakeisho) who debuted in May last year.
  • He is the 8th Rikishi from Tochigi Prefecture post WWII, following Hidenokuni's promotion in March 2003.

Juryo ReturnMeisei

  • Meisei returns to the second league where he last had been in November of last year after 3 tournaments.